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Ahoj, natacim v jedne hre trickjumpy, hra mi tech 76 fps zobrazi v poho, ja si ve frapsu nastavim aby mi to snimalo 30 fps, ale snima to porad 20. Nevite cim to je ? takhle to mam nastaveny :
A co vybrat tu konkrétní volbu „30 fps“ — ze seznamu. Ne to jen „ručně“ psát.
esi mas minimalni znalosti anglictiny tak tady mas navod .. jaj jsem tak nahraval v CS:Source ale doporocuji mrknout na odkazy do steam fora, ja jsem jel podle totho tutorialu a super, muzes zapnout VSECHNY nadsatandartni graficke fce !!!

FRAPS sucks dead horses balls and it's lame imo...
There is a better way to record movies in the best possible speed/quality.
• First set your CSS to run in a window, select a resolution you want to record the movie in, preferred are 800*600 or 840*480 for 16:9 ratio.
• Load the demo you want to record, type "host_framerate 30" in console, the number is the fps the movie will be recording, type "startmovie movie_name_goes_here", to stop "endmovie". You want to bind all those buttons to make your life easier and as far as I remember host_framerate resets after each demo stop, so bind it together with startmovie command.
• Don't forget to set all settings on high, AA, AF, everything. Even if ingame you get 5FPS the movie will be smooth. The number of fps as I mentioned is controlled by host_framerate.
• Get VirtualDub and mux up video (tga files) with audio (wav) with huffyuv codec or some XVid for video and some mp3 codec for audio.
• Then you are ready to import that video into moviemaker, powerdirector, vegas, premiere, etc.
• Read and watch this if you wanna know the most of CSS movie editing.
• GLHF ^_-
You can record movie in CS:S to TGA sequence as EchO instructed some time ago. The key things are

host_framerate 30
startmovie mymovie
playdemo mydemo

This will produce you a tga-sequence (eg. mymovie001.tga, mymovie002.tga, ...) so that each frame will be rendered, no matter how slow computer you have. You can set your GFX settings to as high as your GFX card allows and then render the demo to TGA files.

After you have TGA files you can edit the movie in any video editing program. In the process you should also get mymovie.wav which includes all sounds recorded. I once tested this but the wav-file was somehow corrupted but the TGA sequence was fine.

Other helpful command might be
cl_showhud 0 (hides all statistics on screen). This way movie looks better when there's no useless stuff on the screen.

navod na steam foru..

a video tutorial..;4339094;;/fileinfo.html

doporucuju fce startmovie a ednmovie nabindovat do configu !!!!

ja sem mel : autoexec..
alias nehraj_demo "host_framerate 30; net_graph 0; startmovie scena1"
alias ukonci_demo "endmovie"

bind "F9" "nahraj_demo"
bind "F10" "ukonci_demo"

a pak sem jen a vautoexecu prepsal nazev sceny nahral ho (exec autoexec) a mohl nahravat dal...

jo ty tga sceny sem vlastne sloucil na avicka ve virtual dubu :)
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Pls muzes dat funkcni odkaz na ten video tutorial ?

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