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potřeboval bych pomoct s překladem do angličtiny. Byl bych strašně rád, kdyby si někdo projel těch 250 slov a opravil mi alespon ty vejvetsi chyby, díky moc. Taková trošku rychlovka.


The movie Gladiator introduces Russel Crow as a main character in a role of general Maximus and the whole scene is set in 180 AD. Romans are facing a threat of Germanic barbarian tribes at all fronts. Maximus is a talented and fairly young general whose qualities involve loyalty, integrity, discipline and army skills. He's devoted to the aging emperor Marcus Aurelius(played by Richard Harris). We may say that these two men are friends, maybe rather like a father and son and that’s the reason why Marcus Aurelius wants to name Maximus as a lawful heir of the Roman empire instead of his own son Commodus(by Joaquin Phoenix). When Commodus realises it, he is determined to slay his father. He murders him and it looks like a poor accident in the end. So this does change things, Commodus is becoming new emperor of Rome and immediately gets rid of Maximus and even crusifies his wife and six years old son as a sort of revenge. Maximus escapes but eventually falls into the hands of a slave merchant and is sold to a famous school of gladiators to fight for the fun of Romans. That would be enough for the plot, which is not too much simple nor complicated. Let's examine other aspects.
Performances of all the actors are gorgeous, especially Russel Crow in the main role is absolutely marvellous. Russel Crow was an excellent choice for this role, since he's very experienced and played such roles before. Scenes and events in Gladiator are credible and historically completely correct. The movie also includes fitting social commentaries and critics. What shoud be said is, that Gladiator is very naturalistic and bloody movie and should not be watched by children. Effects during battles and whole epic atmosphere is amazing, it must have taken a great effort of a scripter to manage it.
All in all, the movie has been a great succes in spite of some typical Holywood cliches and instead of just showing battles and struggles, the movie reflects the life of slaves and people living in Rome in general. Gladiator also doesn’t afraid to show emotions as well. All the parts of the movie are making what it is.

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