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Jozef Benko
Dobrý deň,

hľadáme JS developera do medzinárodného teamu. Práca možná z akéhokoľvek miesta, všetka komunikácia prebieha online. Prikladám informácie v angličtine.

Wanted: JS Developer

We're looking for a javascript hero to join our team.

The successful applicant will
- be responsible for javascript development of high-profile client web sites, working with a team of top-notch html/css developers
- be involved in building cutting-edge web apps

Applicant must:
- have experience developing cross-browser javascript for web sites and web applications.
- show ability to get by without using a framework (jQuery, Prototype, etc)
- show strong knowledge of jQuery. Knowledge of other JS frameworks (eg. Prototype, YUI, Mootools, etc) is a plus but not required.
- be familiar with best-practices of html, css and javascript, as they relate to performance
- demonstrate self-motivation and initiative

If you think you've got what it takes, send us:
- a short bio about yourself, past experience, personal goals & interests (100-300 words)
- code portfolio (see below)

Code Portfolio

Show us a small amount of code that you're _really proud of_. Briefly explain why you chose to show this part.
- < 500 lines
- can be snippets from more than one place

It doesn't matter if there are missing files or functions. We won't be running the code, we'll be reading it, so just show us the good bits.

We will be critiquing the following areas:

- naming of variables and functions
- is it easy to tell what the code does, just by looking at it?
- comments in appropriate places

knowledge of the language
- working with types
- not recreating built-in functions

- "not doing dumb things"
-- note: don't worry if the code isn't as optimal as it could be. If you have an optimisation-path in mind, include it as a comment, or in your description

- encapsulation of data
- separation of interface and implementation
Jozef Benko

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