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Jozef Benko
Dobry den,

hladame UI designera na plny pracovny uvazok, pripadne na dlhodobu spolupracu na baze kontraktov. Prikladam popis pozicie v anglictine, za co sa trochu ospraveldnujem, ale anglictina na komunikativnej urovni je pre tuto poziciu nutna.

What We Need From You

* You must be able to analyze project brief and discussion with client/creative director and prepare suitable solutions.
* Without any trouble, you must be able to design user interface and describe user interaction, both based on analysis you made.
* You're capable of preparing whole set of resources needed for working prototype development.
* Your design work has to be iterative and frequently discussed with creative director or other designers in the team.
* You must work well with others while remaining self-sufficient and self-motivated.
* You must communicate effectively through a variety of mediums and venues, including voice, e-mail, and chat. You have to want to be the best by working side-by-side with the best.
* You should have an eye for both detail and artistic flair and strive for unparalleled achievement.
* You must possess an unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction.
* You must practice a passion for what you do and exhibit a pride of accomplishment.
* You'll gain points with the boss if you're active in the community; blogging and Tweeting is great, as is participating in lively forum debates. You don't have to subscribe to everyone's opinion, but you do have to be passionate about your own.

What's in our toolbox?
The wider your expertise is in most if not all of the following disciplines, the better your chances for placement on our team.

* Strong knowledge of usability and principles of user's psychology
* Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator
* File handling via SVN or Dropbox
* Experience with Omni Graffle a plus
* Ability to prepare HTML prototypes a plus

Why working with us?

* We work with many big brands known worldwide.
* Our company culture is unbeatable.
* You'll have flexible working time.
* You can work from your home, or one of our offices (USA, Poland, Indonesia), or from co-working centre in Prague.
* Being part of our great team, you'll experience future of the web getting real under your fingertips.

Got what it takes?

If you've read all this and you still think you have what we're looking for, we definitely want to hear from you. Dazzle us with your brilliance by sending us some samples of your favorite original design. Please don't send us every page of every website you've ever designed, just send us a few snippets of whatever you have that will blow our minds. We're looking for innovative inspiration, gifted originality, expert ability… in other words – we are looking for MAGIC!

Get in touch:
Jozef Benko
Este raz sa ospravedlnujem za anglictinu. Na fore som dlho nebol a nevsimol som si pravidla o prispievani do temy "Prace a zakazky". Vlakno v pokoji zmazte, zajtra text prelozim. PS: je mozne, ze si nainstalujem aj klavesnicu s diakritikou. :-)
Jozef Benko:
Vzhledem k tomu, že je angličtina jedním z požadavků si myslím, že není nezbytné to překládat. Já nevidím důvod toto vlákno mazat.

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