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ahoj, mohl by mi zde někdo, prosím, zkontrolovat překlad, je to opravdu krátké... pardon jestli jsem to dal do špatné diskuse..

1) Who we are?

We are the team of webdesigners from the Czech republic.

2) What does CSS Walk mean?

Css Walk is the CSS gallery of breathtaking websites.

3) Can I submit a site?

If you are author of the website or if you have a permission from author of the website and
website fulfils the conditions you can send it.

4) How are the websites assess?

There are 3 categories: Design, Code and Practicability. Each category gets their own
grade. The best grade is the number 1 and the worst is the number 5. The final result is
the arthmetic mean of these three categories. The scale is divide by the tithes.
But the only our team can assess the websites, because we want to prevent problems with
Enjoy Css Walk..

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