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Když chci v tomto fóru mít jen češtinu postupuji dle manuálu a mám změnit "Delete $l_menu[8] variable from "main_header.html" menu;". Jenže $l_menu[8] variable v main_header.html vůbec není. Nesetkal jste se s tím někdo???


Administrator can disable multilanguage feature. For this:

Delete $l_menu[8] variable from "main_header.html" menu;
Leave in /lang/ directory only one (default) language, which is set in options file.
This prevents users to change language. Even if they type direct www language link, they will be re-adressed to the main page.

Important: language pack's filename can have only of 3 letters (examples: eng.php, alb.php, rus.php).

If you have multilanguage forum, it would be a good idea to create many manuals on each language. By default, only manual_eng.html is included. If there is no manual for user's language, empty page will be displayed.
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